Current Investors

“I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who invested in our initial equity crowdfunding campaign to bring SONDORS Electric Car Company to life. Together, we successfully raised $1 million to build a prototype of the Model SONDORS.

My vision is to build an affordable, attractive electric car that everyone can enjoy. We’re well on our way.

Thank you for making that possible.”

-Storm Sondors

While we feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment in all that we’ve done so far, we can’t stop here. Completing Model SONDORS is just the beginning. In order to manufacture and produce at scale, we need additional funding for production tooling and testing.

We have officially launched our next round of funding on StartEngine and we would love to have you join us once again. Please take a moment to check out the campaign page, learn more about this next phase, and consider an additional investment to assist us in realizing the dream of making electric transportation available to everyone.

To see our Annual 1-K Filing for 2017, click here.

Prior to investing, please read full SONDORS Electric Car Company offering circular by clicking here.

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